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Dakota "Kota" Schuetz

Dakota "Kota" Schuetz

Namn: Dakota Schuetz

Ålder: 21

Titel: Professionell kickbike åkare

Meritlista: 6X ScootFest World Cup, 4X World Champion, 50 Pro Wins, 2X Guinness Book of World Records.

Twitter: dakotaschuetz

Facebook: Dakota Schuetz

Instagram: @kota

Youtube: dakotaschuetz1996

Vad fick dig att vilja samarbeta med Better You?

I chose to work with Better You because they are a perfect fit with my natural and healthy lifestyle being a professional sports athlete. 

Vilken är favoritprodukten och varför?

My favorite Better You product is the Flapjack Bar. I travel almost 300 days a year, so for me to carry these in my bag while I’m traveling is very convenient for me and my team. 

Aktuell med:

My current focus is planning my tours for 2018 all around the world to promote my brands and meet my fans. I am also designing and releasing a new line of aftermarket scooter parts in the Summer of 2018.